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3 Play: Hero Realms

The great thing about three-play, is getting an excuse to play one of my all time

favourite games more. Three times in a week? I’d happily play this one three times in a day, and still ask for just one more game. This week it’s all about interactive, fast-playing, strategic and interesting little card game Hero Realms.

What is it?

Sequel to Star Realms - which we also have available to buy in the updated Star Realms Frontiers - Hero Realms is the fantasy version of this hit little card game. With an incredibly popular app version, Star Realms is well regarded as a fast playing deck-builder style game, Hero Realms takes the original format, adds pretty fantasy artwork and expanded the game to four players in contrast to the two player original.

Why we love it

Deck-building is a gameplay mechanic all about constructing your own unique deck as you play, players start with an identical set of cards - ten in most games, including Hero Realms - then as they play they get the chance to buy and add new cards to those original ten, creating a cus

tom deck. It’s one of my absolute favourite mechanics, and Hero Realms is such a streamlined deck-building experience. With a playtime of around half an hour, it’s an easy one to get to the table, that offers a surprising amount of depth for such a quick game.

Who’s it best for?

Hero Realms, and Star Realms Frontiers both support up to four players, we’ve only played at two and three, and enjoyed it at both, but personally I prefer it with two players as it makes for a quicker game. Great for anyone that loves a quicker, but strategic experience. Works for both fans of deck-building games, and as a nice entry into the genre.

Loved it? Now try…

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Dice Forge - Twists deck-building into dice building, with customisable dice that you change the faces of as you play.

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