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3 Play: New York Zoo

It’s time for another three play, and this week it’s a game we’ve been going absolutely wild for. Since we can't go to the zoo, right now, why not bring it to you? Not just any zoo, though, this one is all about the New York Zoo.

What is it?

New York Zoo is the latest game by acclaimed designer Uwe Rosenberg (Patchwork, A Feast for Odin) and it’s Rosenberg back to doing what he does best: tetris-style puzzley tile-placing games.

In this light strategic game, players compete to be

get the chance to grab one of the special attraction tiles, useful for filling in any tricky gaps left in your zoo.

Why we love it

An easy one to pick up and start playing very quickly, New York Zoo is simple to learn and setup, but has a range of strategic options. We love the puzzley aspect of fitting those pieces together and trying to plan which one you’ll grab next. Then there’s the satisfaction of seeing your carefully laid plans come together. Plus, I can’t write about New York Zoo without mentioning the adorable animal pieces (them arctic foxes!), and lovely artwork making a beautiful playing experience.

Who’s it best for?

Suitable for both people new to board gaming and those with more

experience. New York Zoo is a great pick for anyone looking for a fairly relaxed but strategic game. It plays with one to five players, so great for solos, couples or small groups, there’s clearly been a lot of thought put into how the game changes at different player counts with smaller boards when playing more people to ensure the pace of the game doesn’t slow down much. We’ve enjoyed playing this with both two and three players, with playtime being around forty-five minutes.

Loved it? Now try…

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