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Featured Game: Blank

The card game that you can truly make your own, with the winner of each match choosing to add new rules or cards to the game.

Blank is a game for 2-6 players, somewhat similar to Uno. The aim is simple, get rid of all your cards first! But there’s weird and random rules to follow as you do so, and since it’s you guys writing the rules, no two copies of this game are ever the same.

This is one for if you want something lightweight, but are feeling creative and want to make your own mark on this café product.

Why we love it

Some brilliant custom cards in the café copy!

Blank is so easy to start playing, it can be learnt and set up in about a minute. It’s quick and fun, with so much variability. But the real reason we have a soft spot for this game, is seeing the contributions you guys have made.

Whenever someone wins a game of Blank, they get to customise one of the cards in the deck, that might mean adding a new quirky rule to the deck of rules, which are chosen from at the beginning of each game. Or, it might mean customising a card, so that when it’s played every other player must cluck like a chicken, or choose a player and they can only speak in rhyming couplets for the rest of the game. The possibilities are endless. There’s also space to add your own drawing for the more artistic among you, or use one of the pre-drawn cards and just add your own text.

We have one copy of this, and whenever it’s rented or played we eagerly search through the deck looking for what new cards have been added. It really is great fun, seeing the combination of all your wacky rules.

Who’s it best for

Some of our favourite rules made by café customers

This game works great with two players where it’s a quick and casual game, as it can be played with up to six people, it can become a much longer game, but has more of a party feel to it.

Blank is suitable for anyone no matter what your age or experience level, and easy to play as a filler between longer games. We keep our cafe copy family friendly

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