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Featured Game: Qwixx

Fancy chucking some dice and trying to score points? Try this simple, fast and easy to learn game.

Highly portable, Qwixx comes in a box so small you could easily fit it in your pocket, this roll and write feels similar to classic game Yahtzee, there’s elements of push-your-luck and a question of how greedy you can be. Suitable for 2-5 players, a game of Qwixx takes only about fifteen minutes, a great filler game, or first game of the night.

So let’s get ready for some Qwixx dice rolling fun!

Why we love it

Here's how to play:

In Qwixx players take it in turns to roll the selection of colourful dice along with the two white dice. The active player must then take one or two of the following: the two white dice added together or one of the white dice added to one of the colourful dice, or a penalty (minus points, don’t do it unless you really have to.) Other players can choose to take the sum of the white dice as well.

In a nutshell, that’s all the rules there are in Qwixx, once you start playing it’s easy to get the hang of the rules, but despite its speed and simplicity there is strategy there. That being said, Qwixx is the perfect game to turn to after a stressful day when you don’t want to be agonising over your decisions, you just want something relaxing and enjoyable.

Who’s it best for

I’ve played this with 2, 3 and 4 players and enjoyed each experience, whilst I haven’t tried it at 5, I can imagine it’d be a fun game.

Qwixx is simple enough to easily be picked up by beginners, and it’s so small and portable that it’d make a perfect travel game. Whilst very young children might struggle to understand the rules and strategies of this one, most families will find it a welcome addition to their collection.

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