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What's better than getting a new game? Getting a whole box of new games!

There's something for everyone in this little selection. So without further ado, here's a rundown on some of the shiny new games available to rent from today.

Let's start with some for the little ones:

SOS Dino is a game we've been trying to get hold of for a while now. This is a co-op family game all about working together to help a family of cute dinos escape from an advancing flood of lava.

Families who are fans of working together in games such as Outfoxed are sure to love this one. Strategic and interesting, but nice and easy to learn!

Love working together, but prefer something a little more fast-paced? Well, Panic Diner has you covered. Become a team of restaurant staff, racing to complete orders and wash dishes and keep your customers happy all at once.

Played over real-time rounds of 90seconds, this one is a frantic rush where only the strongest teams can reign victorious.

Or if you feel that teamwork most definitely does not make the dream work, how about messing with your friends or family in Rat-a-Tat Cat, the fast playing card game.

You'll need strategy, bluffing and a bit of luck to win in this game of collecting the lowest scoring cards. And don't forget to watch out for those special action cards!

This one is a must for fans of Skyjo.

For slightly more experienced families or groups of adults we have some new ones for you too!

Bandido is one of our most popular co-op games, all about stopping a bandit from escaping prison by strategically blocking their tunnels.

Now it's back! But since Bandido kept escaping, this new version introduces you to Bandida! Only there's a twist, as now you can play as Bandida yourself if you feel tempted by the dark side. It can even be combined with Bandido for a truly epic experience!

Then we have Dreams, where all players are working together to recreate a star constellation, only there's a twist as one player is a hidden traitor and does not know the constellation, instead they're trying to guess it. So you can't be too obvious with where you place your stars, but you can't be too subtle either otherwise your teammates will think you're the traitor.

Take control of your own team of architects in Little Town, as you work to collect resources and construct buildings in this Little Town. Though you'll score points for your own buildings, there's a level of strategy in visiting the creations of other player's. It'll cost you, though, so there's a delicate balance to be struck between using your own buildings and going to others.

After something with even more bite to it? Try one of the next three:

Royal Visit is a reasonably simple to learn 2-player game which features a wealth of interesting strategic decisions. At it's heart it's a tug of war game, as you try and pull the variety of characters within the game towards your casino. However, as each character is different and they all come with their own special abilities, you'll have to think carefully about who you move and when.

Now I'm super excited about this one. Unmatched Battle of Legends Volume One is our newest Unmatched game, and a great one to start with. In this game you play as either Alice (as in, in Wonderland), Sinbad, Medusa or King Arthur, all you have to do in order to win is destroy the other player(s).

With brilliant card based combat, I really enjoy the base mechanics of Unmatched and can't wait to see how these characters play. We do also have Robin Hood Vs Bigfoot for you to try.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the newest printing of popular game The Quacks of Quedlinburg, this time in the big box version complete with The Herb Witches expansion.

Winner of the 2018 Enthusiast's Game of the Year, Quacks is a fun push your luck and bag building strategy game. Keep drawing tokens, and hope your cauldron doesn't explode in your face!

So there's all of today's new additions, all ready for rental right now!

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