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New games!

Just in time for the Easter weekend, we've got in a load more new games, take a look, maybe you'll see your next family favourite here, or for those of you into heavier games, we've got a few here that I'm sure you'll love.

Like Unlock? Now try Mystery House, the escape room style game where you'll be peering through doorways around the side of the box to look for clues and solve riddles. Comes with two different mysteries included: 'Family Portrait' and 'The Lord of the Labyrinth'. At Unplug + Play we love escape room style games, and this one is a really unique twist on the genre, so come and check it out if you're interested.

Speaking of escaping, have you ever tried Escape from Colditz? This classic game has been so frequently requested that we knew it was time to get it. In this one, one player takes on the role of security officer in this infamous German prison, whilst other players have to collect vital equipment and escape without being caught. This one's easy to learn, but tense throughout.

After something a little more light-hearted? Then Cubitos might well be the one for you. Dive into the racing game where everybody is a cube, build up your own personal pool of dice and roll them in a push-your-luck style rush to victory. This is great for those of you with a little more experience in board games or older families. With a range of scenarios included in the rulebook you'll find your own way to play, and get ready for a fast-paced interactive experience.

Or, if you're after something with a bit more strategy to it, and you've only got one gaming buddy around, try Cairn. This two-player abstract strategy game is up there with the best of them - think Santorini or Onitama - with an easy to learn ruleset and a wealth of interesting decisions. Throw in a decent amount of replayability as you'll be seeing different tiles each game, and if all that's not enough, you get some pretty amazing detailed miniatures in there as well.

Prefer to play solo? We've got you covered too, with the single-player only Under Falling Skies. This one takes Space Invaders and transforms it into a board game with dice. Defend your base, and destroy the mothership before it can get too close.

With a campaign mode full of different scenarios to play through, subtly altering the game rules each time, you'll find hours worth of interesting content in this one.

Easy to learn, so a great first pick if you're looking to try out solo games for the first time.

Like gaming with a group, but prefer a more co-operative experience? How about teaming up and taking on the mission to assassinate Hitler. Based on real historical events and people, your team will consist of a group who must work together to come up with a plot to take down Hitler and then collect materials to make this task easier. You'll want to stay motivated, whilst avoiding Hitler and his agents. But take too many risks and the Gestapo might throw you in prison, so it's a delicate balancing act.

Last, and most definitely not least, is the amazingly wonderful brilliant Power Grid. I can't believe I hadn't played this modern classic until recently, but wow, seriously, this one blew my mind. This is a more complex one, in the red section of our strategy games but don't let that put you off, for a red game it's not too hard to get started.

This one has you building up a network of houses, which you must then use your power plants to supply with electricity, most powered houses at game end means victory. Each round you'll be bidding for better power plants, which might use resources more efficiently or might be able to power more buildings at once. You can only buy one per round though, but that shouldn't stop you from trying to - carefully - drive up the price of that one plant another player really wants.

I could talk about this one for hours, but I'll stop here and let you discover how great it if for yourself!

So that's this week's new entries to the library, available for rental right now!

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