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New Games!

Spoilers: here are the winners!

After a tense few days of voting, the results for this month's Pick & Plays, chosen by our lovely members, are in! I feel like I'm presenting one of those reality TV competition things where I have to start crying and say which games aren't being added to the library, though, as all eight of the games in this month's pickings were absolutely amazing.

And the winners are.... (drumroll please)

This was the closest of all the matchups. Marvel Villainous got in an early lead, but Funfair was never far behind. Then, at the last minute, Funfair got a few extra votes, giving it a two point lead on Marvel Villainous.

Funfair is a great, family friendly, light strategy game of building the best theme park in the world. Think of it like Rollercoaster Tycoon, but with comparing who's built the best park at the end.

Another close one, here Expancity got the early lead, and managed to remain just a few points ahead of Tumble Town. Eventually securing the victory.

Expancity is a fantastically tactile family game of building skyscrapers and scoring points on various objectives. The pieces in this one are like those stacking blocks you get in schools, when we were playing it I couldn't stop fiddling with them!

Personally, this was the hardest for me to watch. I've wanted both of these games for a long time, and pitting them against each other was almost painful. As much as I'd wanted to include a 'both' button on the survey for these two, there could only be one winner. Quirky Circuits became the deserving champion.

This game's so awesome. It's a co-operative programming style game, that feels like it can be played by anyone. Since it comes with a massive book of scenarios, it's easy to adjust the difficulty to the needs of your group, but the core rules themselves are super simple. All you have to do, is work together to get your robot friend to complete his or her mission. Together you play cards to rotate the robot, or move it a certain number of spaces. The only catch is that you can't see what other players are doing, so you may end up just going around in circles. I absolutely cannot wait to teach this once the café reopens in May.

This was our heavyweight category, where we pitted two more complex games against each other. The acrobats ran (circus) rings around the pirates, who ended up walking the plank.

The Magnificent is a complex game of card drafting and arranging tetris-style pieces in the quest to put on the best circus show of all time. Pay attention to marketing your show, and the quality of your performers, and you may just have customers cheering your name. Will your circus live up to the name of the game?

All available to rent from today, so come on in or book them via our website.

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