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Uly and Polly

Uly and Polly

  • It’s all against one in this game of hide and seek
  • Easy to learn, quick playing game
  • Swap tiles to hide among the sheep
  • Players: 2-5
  • Play Time: 20 mins


Uly and Polly, is a semi-cooperative game in which each round one player competes against all others. This one player is Polly, the mischievous little wolf who likes to hide in the flock of sheep. Everyone else works together as Uly the sheepdog to find the little wolf's hiding place.


To set up for the round, lay out the sixteen sheep tiles. While all other players close their eyes, Polly then swaps the wolf token for one of the sheep. The Uly players then place the sheepdog token on a tile and reveal it. If they already found Polly, they win the round, but if not the Polly player chooses two tiles adjacent either orthogonally or diagonally (whether Polly is on one of those tiles or not) and swaps them. Uly then moves to any adjacent tile and reveals it.


If Polly is still in hiding after eight tiles have been revealed, the Polly player wins the round and receives reward tokens; otherwise the Uly players receive rewards. After each player has been Polly once, whoever has the most rewards wins!




More info at: Board Game Geek

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