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Play Games

We have over 700 games to enjoy, from all-day strategic brain burners, to 5 minute silly gigglers, and everything in between.

how it works:
  • £6 per person gets you a table for 3 hours.

  • We can recommend you games, or you can choose your own from our categorised library.

  • We can set it up and teach you the rules.

  • You can get drinks and snacks in the cafe, or bring in your own (additional charges apply).

So swing by, roll some dice, play some cards, and just have a good time.

Rent Games

Want to play our games at home?

No problem!

Just pick the package that suits you:

Pay As You Go:
  • Any 2 Games

  • Take them for 1 week

  • £10

Gameaway Pass:
  • Any 2 Games

  • Take for as long as you like

  • Swap for more games as often as you like

  • £15/month

Covid update

21st July update.

There are no longer any COVID restrictions/requirements on our guests at the cafe.  However, we do ask anyone who is unwell to please stay away pending a negative COVID test.

Simple as that!  Book your table now!