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Just like any business, we've had to go through changes recently to adjust to the current situation.  Not only are we are a Board Games Cafe, we're now a Board Games Library too!

Everyone finds themselves in very different circumstances, so we've now opened up our board games collection for people to take away and enjoy at home.  Whether you've got a family games night, or if you're a couple who want something new to do together, or even a single person in isolation, we've got games and a rental package to suit you.

Stay safe everyone.

We're a Board Games Cafe.

We have over 750 board games for you to enjoy.  We make a fantastic cup of coffee, and our cakes and brownies are simply to die for.  We have a team of Board Game Hosts, ready to not only recommend you something new and exciting to experience, but to set it up, teach you the rules, and help you get to grips with it.

We have games for everyone, from young 'uns picking up their first dice, to seasoned veterans looking for their next all day board games session.  From families looking to get away from their screens for an afternoon, to work mates looking for a rowdy evening out to settle some scores.

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