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Cards Against Disney

Cards Against Disney

  • You know exactly what this game is...
  • and no, it's not a kids version...
  • and yes, it's as rude as the original.
  • Players: 4-20
  • Play Time: 60 mins


A party game for adults only.Cards are divided into two groups, the Red cards consist of fill in the blanks or question cards. The white cards are possible answers to the red cards.Each player holds 10 white cards. One person selects a fill in the blanks or question card from the appropriate pile. The remainder of the players choose one of their 10 cards in hand which they feel best matches the reader's card. The first person reads all the answers and selects their favorite. The person whose card was chosen gains the point. Play proceeds around the table until everyone has a chance to be the reader. The amount of points required to win can be a predetermined number.


More info at: Board Game Geek

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