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Dot Dot Dot

Dot Dot Dot

  • Players: 4-10
  • Play Time: 30 mins


Description from the publisher:

Dot Dot Dot is the adult party game of terrible texts. Complete the text message conversation with the funniest answer card and you're guaranteed to win. But let's be honest this game isn't about winning, it's about laughing and enjoying the company of your friends and family. Dot Dot Dot comes packaged in a sturdy tin box that packs easily in a purse or backpack. Play Dot Dot Dot on your next trip to the beach, camping, road trip or weekend getaway. You can play with as few as four players or as many as you can fit around a table. Dot Dot Dot is great for large groups of friends and family. It also works as an icebreaker for new friends. Dot Dot Dot makes a great gift for college, weddings, birthdays, or your really open minded grandfather's 80th birthday.


The Judge draws a conversation card and reads it aloud, afterward displaying the card for all to see. Everyone else submits an answer card face down that best completes the conversation. The Judge shuffles the answers, reads them aloud, and selects a winner.


—description from the publisher


More info at: Board Game Geek

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