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  • Players: 2-5
  • Play Time: 120 mins


Become a god of ancient Egypt, battling other gods for glory and dominion. Build pyramids in your honour, bless your follows and purge the heathens. Send giant, terrifying monsters to devour your enemies and turn the sands red with blood.


Good for:

Strategists who want to raise armies and command mythical monsters.


Description from the publisher:

The epic Egyptian game Kemet is reborn with a new revised edition!


With Kemet: Blood and Sand, immerse yourself in a more realistic Ancient Egypt. Here, Gods are powerful, masters of both the desert and the Nile delta. They challenge each other in violent battles and show no mercy. Get ready to become an Egyptian God, open the gates of your city, and let your troops sing the song of war to please you and claim your dominance as master of Ancient Egypt.


Kemet: Blood and Sand features new art and upgraded gameplay with new approachable rules that go beyond the 1.5 version of Kemet developed with the help of the BGG community. Free from the constraints of existing components, designers Jacques Bariot and Guillaume Montiage go even further in fine-tuning the Kemet experience.


The game also features a redesigned map with a twist, bigger and more detailed figurines, and other surprises.


--description from the publisher




More info at: Board Game Geek

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