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Match Up!

Match Up!

  • Players: 1-10
  • Play Time: 30 mins


Find trivia games intimidating because you don't know the answers? That's fine in this game - you're all working together to pool your knowledge and beat the game itself. A nice relaxed, 'learn in 2 minutes' game.


Good for:

Working together to test your knowledge as a group.


Description from the publisher:

Match Up is a co-operative trivia game, which comes in two versions: Food and Travel, in which players team up to find the key amongst the 50 cards that each feature unique and charming art.


Together, players link all 49 clue cards to the 50 word cards. They then discover whether the remaining, unlinked word card is the key to their victory, validating its code with the answer card to know whether they've won the game!


Match Up offers five levels of difficulty in the game so you get to choose how hard you want it to be.




More info at: Board Game Geek

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