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Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure

Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure

  • Be the boss that emerges from its dungeon to conquer the world
  • Send your minions out to plunder the land
  • Quick-playing and strategic
  • Players: 1-5
  • Play Time: 30 mins


In Overboss, rival Boss Monsters emerge from their dungeons to conquer the Overworld. Each turn, players draft and place terrain tiles and monster tokens. Their goal: to craft the map with the greatest Power and become the ultimate Overboss!


Designed by Aaron Mesburne and Kevin Russ (Calico), this fast-paced game combines drafting, set collection, and puzzly tile laying. It's set in the retro-inspired pixel art world of Brotherwise Games' best-selling Boss Monster, but this is an entirely new experience.


Build your map by drafting Forests, Swamps, Caves, Camps, Graveyards, Dungeon Entrances and other landscapes. Each terrain type has a different point value, and some increase in Power as you acquire larger sets. Players must balance optimal placement, set values, and disrupt their opponents' sets. You'll also need to manage monsters, which award points when grouped together or placed on matching terrain.



More info at: Board Game Geek

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