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Tiny Ninjas Heroes

Tiny Ninjas Heroes

  • Players: 1-2
  • Play Time: 30 mins


Description from the publisher:

Tiny Ninjas: Heroes is a 1-2 player tactical combat game featuring grid-based movement, hand management, and push-your-luck elements.


Players each control five ninjas, including a selected Hero, in a competition to eliminate their opponent's Hero.

Whoever does this first, wins. A simple objective complimented with strategic gameplay.


Gameplay consists of players cycling through phases: INCOME, MOVE, ACTION, ATTACK, DEFEND.


Players will acquire items, shields and energy. Activate powerful abilities and string together extremely satisfying combos.

Custom printed ninja dice are used to track both the positioning and health of player's ninjas.

Battles take place within the Arena, a raised-punchboard 4x7 grid that is anchored right onto the lid of the game box.

The entire game can be played right within the game box.


Many attack/ability effects are determined with a dice roll, which can be done right inside of the game box.

The color-blind friendly, multi-use die can be rolled to produce three different sets of results. An efficient way to manage a variety of probabilities.


The solo-mode experience, APOCALYPSE, pits a single player against endless waves of the undead in a true fight for survival.


Tiny Ninjas: Heroes is quick to learn yet offers layers of tactical depth so players can bond with specific heroes and develop their own unique strategies. Simple enough for lighter gamers to grasp but with enough depth to appeal to heavier gamers as well.




More info at: Board Game Geek

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